It’s no secret that tech jobs are in high demand, with the increasing digitization of legacy business and positions in the field routinely ranked as some of the best jobs out there. The strong focus on hiring extends all the way down the job pipeline, with the tech industry hiring for more entry-level jobs than any other industry, according to new SmartRecruiters data.

Using proprietary job data, SmartRecruiters looked at entry-level job functions, the salaries those positions command, and which industries were hiring the most. According to the data, here are the nine industries that hired the most entry-level employees over the past four years:

  • Technology – 22%
  • Retail – 17%
  • Food & Beverage – 8%
  • Healthcare – 8%
  • Communications – 7%
  • Recreation – 6%
  • Consulting – 4%
  • Manufacturing – 3%
  • Not-for-Profit – 3%

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For entry-level jobs focused on management, candidates earned $71,583 per year, on average, SmartRecruiters found. Project management jobs averaged $65,250, while product management roles hit $53,314.

Would-be tech employees are in a good spot, as some 40% of companies are facing talent shortages, many of which are being driven by need for IT roles. If you are considering a career in tech, a recent WalletHub report listed some the best entry-level jobs in the field that may be good to consider.

Cybersecurity, especially, has a strong demand for new talent, with job posting rising 74% in the past five years. Positions in auditing, testing, forensics, and more are some of the most interesting in the field, according to Take a look at these programs if you are considering a job in security.

If you’re going the developer route, it’s important to come prepared with the right skillset–that means learning the programming languages that are in demand. According to IEEE Spectrum, Python, C, and Java all top that list. If you’re just starting out, Python is one of the easiest to learn, alongside Javascript and PHP, according to a recent survey of more than 900 developers from WP Engine.

For companies looking to fill the tech skills gap, consider nontraditional employees. Companies like IBM and other tech giants have begun program to help retrain people in different fields for jobs in tech.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. The tech industry hires for more entry-level positions than any other industry, according to data from SmartRecruiters.
  2. Entry-level jobs focused on management earned $71,583 per year on average, with project management positions and product management positions also earning high salaries.
  3. Would-be tech professionals should make sure they are well-equipped with the right knowledge and companies should consider nontraditional employees to help fill the gaps.