Last year, Jay Garmon (aka The Trivia Geek) listed his picks for the top 20 glorious geek rock anthems, which are:

Jay had some good picks; Jonathan Coulton’s Code Monkey is a particular favorite of mine, though I couldn’t program my way out of a MUD room (that’s multi- user dungeon; old school World of Warcraft for the younger folks).

Here are my top picks for glorious geek anthems. Keep in mind that I’m focusing on the music and lyrics here; glorious geek video is another post entirely. I chose songs based on how they speak to geek culture, and, in the case of a couple of selections, how much a part of geek culture they have become.

I would also like to draw your attention to Hot Waffles, two brothers who play music that I think speaks to the souls of most geeks.  Like Jonathan Coulton, Hot Waffles sings from a geek heart in a way that is simply classic geek sarcasm comedy, and I have quickly become a fan.

While I might have a slightly different idea as to what makes the most glorious geek anthem, I do agree with Jay when he said:  “The debate is over: Geeks have won the culture wars, because we have subjugated popular music and bent it to our will.”  Fortunately, a lot of geek music is pretty funny, so we can usually get away with playing it around our non-geek friends. But to my geek friends, I ask you to bring to my attention any glorious geek anthems that haven’t made it onto our recommendation lists.

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