I was poring over this report by Quocirca (free registration) pertaining to the topic of information security. However, I can’t help but be intrigued by the chart on page 3 that shows the results of a survey of 1,045 SMBs that shows the relationship between the size of a company and the number of locations they are based in.

I simplified and re-created Figure 1 of the report in the graph below.

Don’t be alarm if you can’t seem to draw any conclusion from the above data. There appears to be no correlation between company size and the number of business locations. However, what is clear instead is that as many as half of the SMBs operate from two or more locations. In fact, between 20-30% of the companies in their survey have more than five branches.

I find the report interesting because smaller companies will be unlikely to hire IT staffers for every branch, so networking skills and knowledge of remote diagnosis tools may come in handy.

How many branches are there in your company?

[Source: Information security for SMBs]


Quocirca is a research and analysis company that prides itself for being free from vendor bias. Its Web site notes that its reports are based purely on the analysis of the primary research it carries out by its team of analysts.