Move the Exchange 2003 SMTP Mailroot folder for better performance

Here's how to move the Exchange 2003 SMTP Mailroot folder.

Under a default Exchange 2003 installation, all incoming SMTP messages are written to a .eml file in the folder "drive:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot". This is the same partition to which your Exchange program files are also saved. In some situations, moving the location of the SMTP Mailroot folder can improve the overall performance of your Exchange system. Specifically, Microsoft recommends that you locate your Mailroot folder on a disk or array with substantial performance benefits.

To move the Mailroot folder in Exchange 2003:

  • Open the Exchange System Manager.
  • Browse to Administrative Group > First Administrative Group > Servers > Name of your Exchange server > Protocols > SMTP.
  • Right-click your SMTP virtual server (usually named "Default SMTP Virtual Server")
  • From the shortcut menu, choose Stop.
  • Right-click the same SMTP virtual server again
  • From the shortcut menu, choose Properties.
  • Select the Messages tab.
  • In the "Queue directory" field, provide the path to the new Mailroot folder.
  • Click OK.
  • Right-click the SMTP virtual server
  • From the shortcut menu, choose Start.

Your changes will take effect immediately. You do not need to restart the server or the Exchange services.

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