Mozilla has officially launched the fastest version of its Firefox browser yet. On Tuesday, Firefox Quantum was released out of beta, according to the company website.

Quantum is the name given by Mozilla to Firefox 57, but the release encompasses so many changes to the browser that a simple number wasn’t enough, Mozilla said in an earlier blog post. As noted by ZDNet’s Liam Tung, the release marks Mozilla’s big push to win back users who may have jumped ship for Google Chrome.

In terms of speed, the website claims that Quantum is twice as fast as the original Firefox. In a browser speed test video that Mozilla posted to the site, the new Firefox beat out Chrome in loading a few big name websites like Yelp and Shutterstock as well.

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One of the biggest updates is how lightweight Quantum is in terms of RAM usage. Mozilla claims that it is 30% lighter than Chrome, which could free up more memory for other programs. For professionals who often use memory-intensive programs while browsing the web, the new Firefox Quantum could be a worthy option.

Quantum is also designed for heavy browsing with multiple tabs or windows. According to the website, a new responsive engine makes switching tabs faster and easier.

Security and privacy are also a focus of Firefox Quantum. The Private Browsing feature will automatically block all trackers, and won’t store browser history, the site said. It also blocks hidden trackers and other ads and scripts, which can help pages load up to 44% faster.

Business users will be able to share screenshots directly from Firefox, instead of having to save and then locate an image file before sharing. Pocket is also built into the toolbar, making it easier to save web pages for later viewing. This could help professionals when researching for a business proposal, or could help keep track of news articles written about a business or industry.

For virtual reality (VR), Quantum includes support for WASM and WebVR, the site noted.

Interested users can download Quantum here, and Mozilla will automatically import their bookmarks, auto fill data, passwords, and history from their previous browser.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum, a browser that it claims is twice as fast as the original Firefox and faster than Google Chrome on certain sites.
  2. Firefox Quantum is lighter than Chrome in terms of memory usage, using 30% less RAM when browsing.
  3. A new responsive engine for tab navigation and privacy features also make Quantum a compelling option for business professionals.