I’m all about watching free television programs across the Internet, especially when the shows are usually only available via a movie channel, such as Showtime. This news story highlights one of these premium episodes, which will be open to viewers for a week: “Drug-dealing mom appears on MSN Video.”

According to the article, “Short clips from the Golden Globe-winning series (‘Weeds’), which stars Mary-Louise Parker as a suburban mother who makes a living as a marijuana dealer, will continue to be available throughout the entire second season. There are no plans to stream additional full-length episodes at this time.”

I saw previews for “Weeds” several months ago, but I had no desire to pay an additional $18 a month for a Showtime subscription. However, I did take some time out of my busy schedule to check out this clip… and I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t condone drug dealing (or drug smoking), but there was something that hit home for me in this half hour segment – and that is, sometimes single moms have to do what they have to do to provide shelter, put food on the table, and pay bills. No, I’m not going to turn to the life of crime, but I might have to find a (legal) secondary source of income so that I can pay for Showtime and see how this series turns out!