At its 2007 Financial Analyst Day, AMD announced a slew of platforms for the coming years.

Caught in the final stages with a few bugs that have further delayed its quad-core offerings, the company promised optimal production levels next year.

Here’s a summary of the announcements:

  • Quad-core 45-nm process-based processors codenamed “Shanghai” by the second half of 2008
  • Montreal 8-core server chips in 2009
  • New chip platform supporting quad- and octo-core chips with HyperTransport 3.0 chip-to-chip interconnects
  • Puma mobile platform for notebooks in the first half of 2008
  • Combination of Phenom processors, ATI graphics, and new chip-set codenamed “Peruses” for desktops by the first half of 2008
  • Fusion architecture in 2009 that will combine CPU and GPU cores on a single die
  • The new line of GPU, CPU core clubbing will see its appearance in the Swift processor on the Shrike platform in the second half of 2009

The coming years will hopefully bring out the best of AMD, which is something that was missing in 2007.

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