MWC19 Los Angeles: Cradlepoint partners with Telstra and Qualcomm to deliver edge solutions

Telstra and Cradlepoint aim to create a 5G edge solution, and Qualcomm's chipset will enable Cradlepoint devices to connect with 5G networks.

MWC19 Los Angeles: Cradlepoint partners with Telstra and Qualcomm to deliver edge solutions

At the 2019 Mobile World Congress Los Angeles event, TechRepublic's Macy Bayern spoke with Cradlepoint CMO Todd Krautkremer about Cradlepoint's partnership with Telstra and Qualcomm and their plans to offer a 5G edge solution. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Todd Krautkremer: We had a really exciting announcement with Telstra--Telstra being the national wireless carrier of Australia. The relationship is really where Telstra has partnered with Cradlepoint to put together, and deliver to the market, a 5G for business solution that obviously includes their great network, which is a sub-6 network that they'll be rolling out initially for 5G, but then relies on Cradlepoint to deliver a 5G edge solution. By teaming up together, we're delivering a solution that is really tailored to their specific network and their specific market and the needs of enterprise and SMB users in Australia.

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We're partnering with them to develop the solution, but this much we do know--they have solutions today for consumer users. What they know, and why they selected Cradlepoint, is that the needs of an enterprise are radically different. 

The enterprises care about security, they care about manageability, visibility, reliability, all of these types of things. So the solution that we're developing together really builds on our net cloud platform and builds on our deep, deep experience of cellular wireless and is designed to put together a 5G solution really specific to their network and their environment.

Now, we don't expect to launch that solution for awhile, but we're coming together and we're developing that together. So it's hand in glove, fit for their market. You know, we hear Qualcomm a lot and typically we hear about Qualcomm as it relates to the relationship with major carriers. 

We hear about Qualcomm and the chip sets they deliver for cellular providers in terms of mobile handsets, but for Qualcomm to work directly with a provider like Cradlepoint, delivering wireless edge solutions to enterprises, is something new and really portends to how important they see this market, especially for 5G. 

So what they provide is the SX55--or the X55, more specifically--chipset. It's a combination of a modem and an RF system that is designed to allow an edge device like ours that's on the customer premise to connect to a 5G network. We're partnering with them to integrate that solution specifically in a 5G for business strategy, and they're relying on Cradlepoint to help open up that market for them.

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