Who needs to use that delicate tiny sewing staple, when there’s now a robot that can thread a needle for you? CloudMinds XR-1, 5G Humanoid Robots with vision-controlled grasping tech and intricate manual tasks, interacted with guests at the Sprint exhibit at the Mobile World Congress 2019 Los Angeles, (MWC19) in Los Angeles.

The XR-1 robot is powered by cloud artificial intelligence (AI)–one of the first of its kind–Sprint True Mobile 5G, and proprietary vision-controlled grasping tech, which means it not only can thread a needle, but can serve drinks and can be programmed to do other tasks, including manufacturing.

The revolutionary XR-1 robot is a service robot, which also leverages human operator input for constant learning.

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“Overall, intelligent cloud robots paint the most vibrant picture of how 5G’s ultra-low latency, exponentially faster speeds, and wider reach can dramatically improve response time and enable a new world of applications,” said Bill Huang, founder and CEO of CloudMinds, in a release.

A combination of new technologies brings XR-1 to life

  • Cloud Brain – HARIX (Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence with eXtreme Reality): CloudMinds’ Cloud Brain is a hybrid operating platform. Supervised by a human operator, the highly scalable system can host numerous robot “brains” simultaneously. Vision processing, natural-language processing, robotic motion-control, vision-guided grasping, and manipulation are just some capabilities integrated organically into the platform.
  • Nerve Network (Ultra-secure intranet): Mission-critical solutions require unprecedented levels of connections’ security, from the chip to the cloud.

CloudMinds’ Virtual Backbone Network (VBN) combines high-performance, low-latency fixed, and mobile-network technology; blockchain technologies; and other innovations to manage cloud robotics through connectivity completely isolated from the internet, guaranteeing security.

Pioneering vision-controlled grasping technology

With proprietary Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) technology that enables precision grasping capabilities, coupled with the Cloud Brain/HARIX platform, XR-1 can perform intricate tasks from fist bumps, to needle threading, grasping objects, and more.

XR-1 has more than 30 proprietary smart joints built in, enabling it to perform precise movements and manipulations. Each robot body has a central control unit that controls all smart joints and sensors, and a robot controller that connects the robot to the Cloud Brain/HARIX platform through the Nerve Network.

“With vision-controlled grasping and the ability to perform intricate tasks,” Huang said, “the XR-1 simply raises the bar and lays the foundation for an even wider range of intelligent, compliant, cloud service robots—from wheeled to two-legged form factors.”

And there’s plenty of interest on the consumer side. XR-1 units (and similar CloudMinds cloud AI robots) can be used for trials/testing/development or for particular business use cases and applications. The XR-1 will also be valuable on the service side in elder-care facilities, for example or for use as a receptionist or concierge for office tasks or other automated business functions.

“The XR-1 is currently being tested with very select clients around the globe,” Huang said. “That said, mass production-ready, tentative timeline is within a year and a half. Long-term timeline, by the end of the next decade.”

CloudMinds hopes to have service robots, such as XR-1, performing a variety of complex tasks in average households (and businesses). The future of full humanoid robot nannies is not so far away.

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The CloudMinds XR-1 Robot threads a needle.