An Israeli company called 3DV Systems has its eyes set on allowing users to control or play games with only their bare hands as the game controller.

The technology hinges around the ZCam, a 3D camera that plugs directly into a PC. It works by emitting short infrared pulses and then measuring the reflections off objects. Sophisticated software algorithms then kick in to interpret those reflections for gestures.

According to Tomer Barel, 3DV’s vice president of marketing and product management, to CNET

The software can key in on a gamer’s hands, and even between his or her fingers, and can run various applications based on what that person does with their head, hands, fingers, or torso.

This technology is not just for games. In a demonstration at CNET, Barel showed that he could use simple gestures with his fingers and thumb to navigate through the Microsoft Vista menu tree.

So, can I set it to say, pause, whenever I start digging my nose?