As I threatened last week (and last year) I’ve finally set up The Written Weird, a separate blog to archive my crappy attempts at science fiction. I’m also committed to attending the local sci-fi writers group

tomorrow, and if it’s to my liking, I’ll have a monthly deadline for a

short story or novel chapter. Those items will make their way to The

Written Weird. Also, thanks to the Blogger Word plug-in,

The Written Weird also becomes a handy online backup for my writing

work, which is useful since my USB flash drive went to crap on me.

Longtime Trivial Pursuits readers may remember last summer when I recieved my first Asimov’s magazine rejection letter. Well, this is the story that was rejected. Frankly, I don’t blame them. I also got rejected a second time last summer for my infamous space vampire story. It is not quite so awful as the first, but still a pretty good roadmap on how not to write a good science fiction story.

I haven’t completed a work of fiction since those two. I had some

abortive attempts that I may tie off and post to The Written Weird in

the next few weeks. The important thing, as my wife reminds me, is that

I’m “back in the saddle” (her words, not mine). We’ll see. Let’s just

hope the writing group goes well.

In the meantime, I’d ask that you leave any comments about the stories

at The Written Weird, not here. I need to keep my two worlds separate,

if only ebcause I don’t want my fiction progress to be clouded by Star Trek mashups and diatribes about Tech Q&A. There’s only so much noise any single blog can take.