So it occurs to me that I’m actually a terrible fiction writer.

This does not make me unusual. It simply means I haven’t “written the

garbage out” as my buddy Anthony used to say–I need practice, and lots

of it. I scouted around the Web last weekend looking for online writing

communities that might help me get better by way of criticism and

suggestions and found none that met my needs. At least, not for free.

I have in the past considered starting my own Web community, but the

act of administering such a project would eat up the precious little

time I’ve set aside for actual writing. So I’m considering the

alternate route of starting a second blog. I have in mind an idea for a

serialized story. There’s some number play involved in the meta-arc, so

the story would require 49 parts. If I commit to roughly one chapter

per week, it would take me a year to write the story. Since this is my

“practice” project, I could publish these chapters as weekly blog

entries, and elicit the community at large to leave comments on each

chapter, getting (hopefully constructive) criticism as I go.

This would require quite a commitment and a very thick skin, so I’m a

bit hesitant. I’ve got the blog set up, I just have to decide whether

I’m going to use it (and spend the money to register the domain I

want). I’ll make the call some time this week. Until then, feel free to

talk me out of it.