IT ideologue and sci-fi author David Louis Edelman explains why “MySpace is headed for a big, clumsy fall.” Put simply, they are doing Web 1.0, pre-bubble expansion and development in a post-dot-bomb world. Setting aside the fact that MySpace is an “it” site, and hipster-based profits always fade when the next big thing comes along, MySpace is institutionally and technically unable to adapt to a change in the landscape. One need look no further than this Baseline article (which Edelman cites), and its documentation of how the most popular site on the Web is a Frankenstein hodge-podge of legacy ColdFusion code and ASP.Net emulators. Not exactly the platform I’d go to war with and expect to win. Looking back, I probably should have added MySpace to the list of tech companies head for a fall in the next ten years, but I guess I just overlooked the obvious.