CNET News reporter Daniel Terdiman recently spoke with MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman about the new season of the Discovery Channel hit show, which begins airing tonight, October 7. In the video interview, the guys don’t give away much about the upcoming season, but they do offer a few teasers.

In an episode titled “Dirty car vs. clean car,” they explore the myth that a dirty car is more aerodynamic than a clean car. The guys say the results are very surprising, controversial, and will be of interest to the automotive industry. They also divulge that they did quite a few experiments about duct tape.

Other information revealed in the interview includes: Twitter has been good source of topic fodder for the show (here’s the link to Adam’s Twitter feed); the guys aren’t actually friends; and Adam says “he’s an Apple Kool-Aid drinker from way back.”

Watch the eight-minute interview:

The related CNET News photo gallery offers even more clues about what the team explores this season. It seems the duo talked about whether antacid can be used to break out of prison, whether it’s possible to hold onto a car as it zigs and zags and stops suddenly, and whether sleeping in a bed of icing sugar turns you into a glazed doughnut. For the complete story, read Daniel Terdiman’s blog on CNET News.

What myths would you like to see the show cover in future episodes? (In case you missed it, the show has already tackled the topic of the moon landing.)