Do you frequently open and work in two or more Microsoft
Excel workbooks simultaneously? If so, here are a few basic ways to efficiently
navigate between workbooks.

  • Open
    Excel’s Window menu, and either type the number corresponding to the
    workbook you want to view, or click the workbook’s name.
  • Press
    [Ctrl][F6] or [Ctrl][Tab]: Each time you press either one of these key combinations, Excel will switch to the next open workbook.
  • Press
    [Alt][Tab]: This causes Windows to display a set
    of icons corresponding to all open applications, not just your Excel
    workbooks. Hold the [Alt] key, and press [Tab] to cycle between icons. As
    you access the Excel icons, Windows will display the name of that
    workbook. When you find the one you want, release the [Alt] key to display
  • Click
    the appropriate item in the Windows taskbar. By default, Excel displays a
    separate taskbar item for each open Excel window.

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