Before Microsoft Office 2003, you needed to go to Print Preview to
see thumbnails of each page of your document layout. With Word 2003,
you don’t have to leave the document view that you are using for editing.
Thumbnail views are now available in Normal, Print Layout, Outline, and Reading
Layout views. You simply go to View | Thumbnails to display the Thumbnail pane
to the left of your document.

Thumbnails let you view the layout of your entire document
at once. For example, if you are working in Normal view and want to see where
you placed your last footnote or header, you can check it by viewing a
thumbnail of the page. You can also go to any page by clicking on its thumbnail
in the pane.

You can resize the width of the Thumbnails pane by moving
the mouse along the pane’s right edge until the pointer turns into a
double-headed arrow, then clicking and dragging the pointer along its right
edge to the desired size. To close the Thumbnails pane, double-click its right

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