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NDS 8: Installing Novell's eDirectory

NDS 8, or Novell's eDirectory, can offer your network enhanced performance and security. Steven Pittsley offers step-by-step instructions for the upgrade installation.

Have you heard about Novell’s newest version of NDS (version 8), called the eDirectory? According to Novell, the eDirectory will allow businesses to develop strategic business relationships with customers, provide tighter security, increase performance, and make NDS more scalable. All of this sounds good, especially when you consider that the product is free. This article will provide you with a guideline for implementing the new technology.

Prepare for the upgrade
Before starting the upgrade to NDS 8, make sure that all of your ducks are in a row. First, verify that you have NICI 1.3.1 or later installed. NICI is the Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure. Version 1.5.1 can be downloaded from Novell’s Web site and installed using the instructions in the README file.

Next, you must run DSREPAIR 5.21 or later to extend the schema. This version of DSREPAIR can be found on NetWare 5.0 Support Pack 4. You can extend the schema by following these steps:
  • Load DSREPAIR.
  • Select Advanced Options Menu.
  • Select Global Schema Operations.
  • Login as the Admin user.
  • Select Post NetWare 5 Schema Update.

Finally, some applications, such as virus scanning programs, backup software, database applications, and ZENworks, can't be running during the upgrade. These types of programs require files to be open and volumes to be mounted at all times. After commenting out the load instructions in AUTOEXEC.BAT for these applications, you should reboot the server.

Install the upgrade
Once the system reboots, you are ready to begin the upgrade to NDS 8. Here are the steps to perform the installation:
  1. Perform a full backup of your system, including NDS, and verify that the backup is good.
  2. Resolve any replica errors and verify that All Processed = Yes on the DSTRACE screen.
  3. Ensure that time is synchronized on the network.
  4. Load NWCONFIG.
  5. Select Product Options.
  6. Select Install A Product Not Listed and press [F3].
  7. Type the path to the directory that contains the upgrade files.
  8. Read the license agreement and press [Esc].
  9. Select Accept License Agreement.
  10. When the NDS 8 README.TXT file appears, you can read it and/or press [Esc].
  11. Press [Enter] to bypass the warning about the programs that require volumes mounted and continuously open files. (We have already taken care of this.)

The file copy will now begin. The server will reboot once the file copy has finished. When the server comes back up, you will see screens indicating the calculation/initialization, allocation, and conversion phases of the installation.
  1. A warning message will be displayed asking you to verify that all volumes are mounted. Toggle to the console screen and verify that the volumes are indeed mounted, then toggle back to the installation screen and press [Enter] to continue.
  2. Log in as the Admin user.

The schema is modified and another file copy takes place.
  1. If you have not installed LDAP services, you will be prompted to create the LDAP group object. Accept the defaults and press [Enter] to continue.
  2. The upgrade is now complete and the NDS 8 installation log file is displayed. Verify that there were no errors, and press [Esc] to continue.
  3. Finally, you will be prompted to restart the server. Since no changes will take effect until you do so, it’s a good idea to select Restart Now and reboot the server.

Test the upgrade
Once the server has restarted, verify that it is working correctly. Ensure that there are no replica errors and log in as a normal user. When you are satisfied that all is well, you can go back and uncomment all of the lines in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file that you commented out earlier. Then, reboot the server and once again verify that everything is working normally.

Before running off to the server room to start upgrading NDS, please exercise some caution. NDS is the heart of your network, and upgrading it is not something to be taken lightly. I would perform the NICI and service pack upgrades at least a week before doing the NDS upgrade. I’d also make sure I had a working backup. Better to troubleshoot one set of problems before possibly introducing another set. Although you will be giving up two weekends, you will feel much better hitting the golf course a little later in the day knowing that your upgraded network is running smoothly.

Steve Pittsley is a CNE and desktop analyst for a Milwaukee hospital.

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