With cybersecurity skills in the highest demand, 29% of organizations plan to hire more IT staff in 2019, according to Spiceworks 2019 State of IT Careers report on Wednesday. The study examined IT career projections and hiring trends for 2019 in North America and Europe, determining that larger firms are more likely to increase staff than smaller organizations.

Across companies of all sizes, the top skills businesses will be looking for include experience with cybersecurity, infrastructure hardware, end-user hardware, networking solutions, and software deployment, said the Wednesday press release. Larger companies will be focusing more on artificial intelligence (AI) expertise, and midsize companies will be honing in on DevOps skills, added the release.

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Not only will hiring be increasing in 2019, but so will the number of professionals seeking employment, said the release. In fact, 26% of IT professionals plan on looking for a new employer, 8% plan to leave the IT field as a whole, and 6% want to move to IT consulting. With the companies looking more for new hires, the likelihood of successfully moving companies is much higher.

“Overall, the job outlook looks promising for IT professionals in 2019,” said Peter Tsai, senior technology analyst at Spiceworks, in the release. “As a result, many tech professionals are polishing up their resumes in hopes of landing a position that offers a more competitive salary or an opportunity to advance their skills. At the same time, many organizations–particularly large enterprises–are eager to find employees with specialized expertise in cybersecurity, AI, and DevOps, so workers with those skill sets will be in high demand.”

Additionally, business professionals will also be looking to advance their skills in the new year; 52% of IT professionals searching for new employment will also be looking for opportunities to improve their IT skills, said the release. When looking at motivation across generations, millennials reported being more likely to seek a new employer and improve skills, in comparison to older generations.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 29% of organizations plan to hire more IT professionals in 2019, and 26% of IT professionals will be looking for new employers. — Spiceworks, 2018
  • 52% of IT professionals will be looking for jobs that offer more opportunities to advance and improve their IT skills. — Spiceworks, 2018