I chose this site because it not only saves my job, but my company’s data. I tried following the steps outlined by Microsoft in upgrading my servers from uniprocessor to multiprocessors using the uptomp.exe utility on the resource kit. After running the utility, my servers failed to reboot. I performed some searches and found this site that explained to me in detail the files that are changed and how to correct the issue so that my servers will reboot. This site is a must review before performing a multiprocessor upgrade.

—Dennis Governor, the IT Pro and TechRepublic member who recommended this site

Where can you go to get best practices information and helpful hints before installing or upgrading a dual processor-powered server? What can you do when your hard drive isn’t detected during NT Setup? Is there any way to prepare for the blue screen of death?

You can get answers to all of these questions and more by checking out i386 the Windows 2000 source. Even better, this site is set up for administrators.

The site provides reports on the newest bugs and administrative issues, such as directory replication and desktop lockdowns, along with news updates.

Let me tell you why
So far, I’ve offered a quick rundown on why this site is for you, but let’s slow down and take a closer look. The home page alone will keep you occupied with:

  • The latest headlines on Microsoft and IT goings-on (plus a news archive, in case you have missed anything in the last few weeks).
  • Listings of new and updated links.
  • Informative listings on current IT conferences.
  • Downloads, offers, and resource listings.

Who could ask for more? Well, you don’t have to ask.

Just for you, there are several admin-specific topics to peruse. From general information about your job to networking issues, you’ll find all kinds of helpful essentials on:

  • Performance
  • Policies and procedures
  • Boot diskettes
  • Remote administration
  • Scripting

See what else there is
There is definitely no fluff here, just straightforward information:

  • Check out new hardware, get the best deal, and look at news and updates on all your old favorites.
  • Learn about ISDN and different communication possibilities.
  • Find news on certification.
  • Discover all you ever wanted to know about Unattended setups.

Visit i386 the Windows 2000 Source, and you’ll also find message boards, links to related sites, and hardware information. It’s well worth the trip.

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