Amy Dorn Kopelan, co-author of “I Didn’t See It Coming” and co-creator of, a knowledge network for professionals and entrepreneurs, offers a few points for those of you who find yourselves in new possession of a pink slip:

Kopelan says, “Don’t walk out the door as if there are no options for you. Ask for ways to extend your transition and reposition yourself for your next job.” Here are six ways to negotiate after being laid off:

1) Trade your vacation time for more weeks on the job in your paid position.

2) Take half your pay! Some find it better to still have a place to work every day.

3) Hold a meeting with the team still in place. Provide your counsel and guidance before you exit.

4) Ask for a letter of praise and recommendation from your senior manager before you leave your position.

5) Offer to do project work. The company doesn’t have to cover your medical benefits and that’s a plus.

6) Raise your hand to train or help consolidate. You have insider knowledge that may be of service.