I previously posted on the comments of Berners-Lee, regarding the threat

posed to the openness of the internet by new US legislation.  Today I

came across an interesting blog via Slashdot; Max Fomitchev

does a very good job of breaking down the proposed legislation and what

it really means to the internet.  Not only does the proposed two-tier

system mean that systems are effectively being paid three times (1.

Broadband user subscriptions, in the UK these have bandwidth

rates/limits.  2. Hosting providers charge customers for bandwidth

usage. 3. ISP’s would charge these companies again for delivering this

content to the end user), start-up companies are forced out of the

market by established (e.g. higher paying) competitors but also it

creates an opportunity for indirect  censorship of personal blogs and

websites.  How so?  Well if you don’t pay, the ISP’s may not deliver

your content to it’s customers!

A worrying prospect.