Net sales taxJust when you think that you’ve been taxed to death, the government tries to stick you for a few more cents — or at least that’s what a person could argue who’s following the Net sales tax debate. Get the details by reading this article by CNET Networks’ “Days numbered for tax-free Net sales.”

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

What’s new:
A powerful alliance of politicians is arguing that out-of-state retailers must be required to charge sales taxes on purchases.

Bottom line:
The political make-up of Congress, coupled with a recently invented sales tax concept, could tip the scales to make sales collection mandatory for out-of-state retailers.

The article points out that currently, “companies like Seattle-based are not required to collect sales taxes on shipments to millions of its customers in California.” Do you think out-of-state retailers should be required to collect sales tax for online goods? Join this discussion, and let us know why or why not.


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