Betanews reports that Netscape has released the latest redesigned version of its Navigator browser in version 9.0 (beta 1). With a focus on gaining prominence with its “social” features, the browser comes packed with some nifty features.

  • Social Integration: Share and vote for Web pages that you find interesting, build your own network of friends, and link to their stories in your sidebar
  • Site mail notifier: Get instant notifications on mails from your friends in Netscape community
  • Netscape News in the Browser (sidebar): Customizable news bar for latest headlines
  • URL Correction: Navigator fixes common typing mistakes in URLs ( like con to com)
  • Link Pad: Feature to save interesting links that don’t qualify as bookmarks
  • Mini-browser: Open two Web sites within one window without the use of tabs

Built on the Mozilla code base, the browser has Firefox 2 extensions, add-ins compatibility, and comes in flavors for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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The browser does have many useful features that can appeal to users and also, another kid in the market dominated by Internet Explorer and Firefox is always welcome.