Support pack upgrades released by Novell lead the week’s bug, patch, and virus announcements. The company also released virus signature updates for many of its products.

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NetWare 5 Support Pack 4
NW5SP4.EXE, the upgrade for NetWare 5, makes the following changes to Novell Directory Services:

  • After installing the support pack, Move Subtree now works correctly.
  • DIB corruption due to missing TTS flag no longer happens.
  • Connections via DClient (BorderManager, LDAP, etc.) no longer use multiple connections.
  • 601 error during install is fixed.
  • Handling of stream attributes is fixed.
  • DSRepair can now reset schema.

File fixes resulting from Support Pack 4 include:

  • Daylight savings time calculations function properly for time zones where there is no daylight savings and for time zones in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Numerous packet-sending problems that caused abends, communication errors, etc. (REQUESTR.NLM) should no longer occur.
  • Timing issue when connection was destroyed (REQUESTR.NLM) is corrected.
  • A memory leak (THREAD.NLM) is corrected.

Other fixes, and instructions for the update’s installation, can be found on Novell’s Web site .

Beware of issues between the fourth support pack and ManageWise. Novell has the ManageWise fix on its site.

NetWare 4 Support Pack 8
Several improvements are contained in Novell’s eighth support pack for NetWare 4, including:

  • Fixed multiple load code
  • Fixed the Clear Connection audit record
  • Fixed close file corruption
  • Enabled debugger active event
  • Fixed Garbage Collection Allocation High code
  • Fixed migrated file purge
  • Fixed the packet signature page fault
  • Fixed SFT IO patch to switch interrupt handling
  • Added support for NLS-based licensing and policies to Policy Manager

More information on fixes and installation instructions, as well as the file itself (NW4SP8.EXE), can be found on Novell’s site .

Novell virus signature updates
Novell released two virus signature updates late last week. You can download ManageWise – Virus Signature 7.85 Update (MWINOC1U.EXE ) from the Novell support site, as well as the newest files for InocuLAN v4.0 for Win NT. The InocuLAN v4.0 for Win NT – Sig 7.85 & SP 2A (MWINOC2U.EXE ) is also on Novell’s site.

GroupWise Support Pack 3
The GroupWise Support Pack 3 is now available in two formats. There’s an English version (G553EN.EXE ) and a multilingual version (G553MULT.EXE ).

Problems addressed in the support pack include the following:

  • Fixed a stack overflow in the NLM MTA when forwarded messages get nested too deep
  • Printing Pack 2 functionality has been integrated into the client, along with Printing Pack 3 compatibility.
  • Remote client now modifies the modem configuration correction.
  • Remote settings are now saved correctly in Windows 98.
  • The client now recognizes changed Internet Address format.
  • Fixed resource leak in Calendar
  • Alarm notification time is now correct when greater than 59 minutes.
  • Fixed CPU Hog abend for large message copies from disk
  • Late binding streams are now supported.
  • User password is no longer reset as a result of other admin changes.

Novell Year 2000 update
According to Novell’s support site, “Using the Nlist utility (v4.21 dated 6/29/1999) displays the year 2000+ date incorrectly. This happens only when using the “NLIST user /a /b” option. The server will display the login date as “100” instead of “00”.

The NLSTY2K.EXE patch addresses the problem. The file can be downloaded directly from Novell .

Sun Solaris updates
Several patches were released this week for Sun Solaris 2.51, 2.6, and 7. They include the C++ 5.0 compiler patch, the Solaris 7 Recommended Patch Cluster, and more. For details, I recommend visiting FileWatch, which collects a wide range of patches and updated file information.

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