The Job

Network administrators often need to monitor computer usage in their organizations to make sure that users are adhering to organizational policies. Network monitoring tools are also helpful when providing help desk assistance over the phone, to make sure that the user is not having trouble following your steps.

The Tool

Network LookOut Administrator Professional provides you with a way to see live screens of remote computers. It captures the physical console environment and redirects the output to a remote workstation. The product does not use a virtual desktop. Further, communication between the client and the host can be encrypted in order to protect your organization’s information.

The Right Tool for the Job?

Network LookOut Administrator can be an incredibly useful product for an IT help desk or for a company that wants to monitor the computing activity of its employees.

The company actually produces four products:

  • Net Monitor for Employees
  • Net Monitor for Employees Professional
  • Network LookOut Administrator
  • Network LookOut Administrator Professional

The Net Monitor for Employees is the most limited of the group, and does not even support remote agent installation, nor does it support remote control. It’s a view-only product. Net Monitor for Employees Professional, on the other hand, is the most feature-filled of the four and even includes the ability to record a remote desktop.

Outside of a help desk scenario, I can see where this line of products would be useful in organizations worried about employee productivity or adherence to computing policies.

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