Has anyone come across CareerHero.com? It’s a site targeted toward college students that lets them explore different careers. CareerHero.com‘s founder, Reena Jadhav, says that the company is rising to meet the social networking trends by building a virtual world within the site where people can live the day-to-day life of a doctor or a lawyer so they can experience what different professions are like.

Sounds like an interesting idea. I wondered how they would make that work, so I went to the site. I joined up but when I put in the confirmation code that they’d just e-mailed me three minutes before, it wouldn’t work. Maybe that’s their version of an IT virtual world.

I would really like to check out a virtual “career day,” if anyone runs across a site that offers one. I just have this vision of a shaky Blair Witch-cam strapped onto someone’s hat, which could be pretty uneventful if said person is an accountant. Eight hours of a spreadsheet or a tax form.

Given some of the end-user questions I’ve heard via TechRepublic members, I bet a Help Desk guy could sell his “day in the life” to Comedy Central though.