IT-radar is one of those ideas that, when you hear about it, you think: “Of course, that’s the way it should work.” But it took this 1999 Internet start-up to bring together buyers and sellers of IT services in local markets in a truly win-win situation. is an e-commerce marketplace for all IT services. The company operates in 11 major metropolitan areas, with more than 40 new markets expected to open by June. Service providers pay a subscription fee. However, the service is free for buyers, who can use IT-radar’s sophisticated services to pinpoint just the right vendor in their community in terms of products, services, or technologies.

Before IT-radar came onto the scene, the IT services market was fragmented, with hundreds of potential vendors in many communities. Buyers would normally spend a considerable amount of time looking for the right vendor, even though the best choice might be right down the street. To avoid such time-consuming searches, buyers can customize IT-radar’s service according to their needs and obtain a list of providers that have been prequalified through profiling, filtering, and matching software.
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The market
IT-radar’s belief is that there is a huge demand for e-procurement of IT services going unfilled in local markets. The IT outsourcing market in the U.S. is growing rapidly, with 75 percent of companies expected to outsource some of their IT services by the end of 2000. The market is expected to reach $81 billion by 2003, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). So IT-radar has stepped up to the plate as the IT outsourcing marketplace in local metro markets.

Financial information
In November 1999, IT-radar closed a $1.2 million round of venture capital funding. Investors include i-Hatch Ventures; William Lansing, CEO of Fingerhut; Joel Ronning, CEO of Digital River, Inc.; and Robert Pruzan, president of Wasserstein Perella & Co.

Management team

  • Don Peterson, president and CEO
  • Shallen Gupta, CFO and vice president of operations
  • Praba Manivasager, executive vice president
  • Susan Misukanis, vice president of marketing
  • Arun Rajan, vice president of site team
  • Tim Guilfoil, vice president of market development
  • Steve Feuerbach, vice president of customer success
  • Joe Calderon, vice president of strategic technologies
  • Paul Cashin, vice president of product management

8009 34th Avenue SouthSuite 500 5Bloomington, MN 55425Tel: 1-877-507-2327
What others are saying about IT-radar
” is trying to use the growing interest in online marketplaces to serve the IT services market. The company, which already operates regional online IT service marketplaces in four cities, today launched a fifth that aims to bring together the vast number of IT service providers in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The marketplace, which will offer a broad range of IT services, breaks down into two divisions, staffing and solutions, offering companies the ability to search locally to find outsourcing services. In addition to a directory service, IT-radar plans to evaluate each potential service provider and offer filtering and matching processes. The company hopes the localization of the marketplace will give it an edge over competitors such as IT, which operate nationally.”

“ Expands Online IT Services Marketplace,” by Elisabeth Goodridge, Information Week Online, Jan. 20, 2000

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