TechProGuild already offers unique technical articles, downloads found

nowhere else, and over 250 IT books that you can read and search

online. What’s next? Articles and downloads work well for providing

solutions to technical problems, but there are sometimes other ways of

providing answers. To provide a richer experience, we’ve started

experimenting with different kinds of content types.

You’ll find some of these new experiments on the new TechProGuild Media Center

page. On this page you’ll find our new Screen By Screens, which show

you exactly what you’ll encounter when doing things like configuring

DNS on Windows Server 2003. You’ll also find the TPG Podcast. This

podcast, hosted by former TechProGuild Track Editor Michael Jackman,

features news and commentary about tech issues as well as solutions for

problems you face. Finally you’ll also find links to online tech videos

from TechRepublic’s sister sites, ZDNet and CNET.

The Media Center is part of the TechProGuild’s ongoing effort to

provide unique and innovative IT solutions. Going forward, we’ll keep

trying more things to make your TPG subscription even more valuable. If

you have any suggestions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.