On Tuesday, Mozilla Firefox announced a new round of pilot experiments that aim to make the browser simpler, faster, and safer to use.

This Test Pilot program is available to all Firefox users, and helps the company test and evaluate potential new features, according to a blog post. To activate Test Pilot, visit testpilot.firefox.com.

Because the features are still in pilot, they may include some bugs, or may impact the performance of Firefox. Users can easily enable or disable the features at any time, the post noted.

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Here are the three new features available in the Test Pilot program now:

1. Send

With Mozilla’s new Send feature, files sent over the internet self-destruct after either one download or in 24 hours, so they cannot be accessed by anyone other than the recipient. The files are encrypted during transmission, and are also encrypted on the client side, so Mozilla cannot read them, either.

Further, it can handle files up to 1GB, according to a video demo. This could make it a better option for file transfer than say, Gmail, that is limited to 25MB files.

2. Voice Fill

Voice Fill represents Mozilla’s experiment with support for speech to text (STT) functionality in Firefox, which allows users to input text into the browser by voice. “Your contributions to this experiment will help us optimize speech to text input so that we can expand support throughout Firefox,” according to the post.

3. Notes

Notes is a simple, convenient place to take, store, and retrieve notes within Firefox, according to the blog post. Mozilla is also building in support for Firefox Accounts, so users can sync their notes wherever they use Firefox.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

1. On Tuesday, Mozilla Firefox announced three new pilot experiment features to make working in the browser easier.

2. The three new features include sending encrypted files that self-destruct after being opened, support for speech to text functionality, and a note taking system.

3. The Send feature may be especially valuable for business users, as it can handle files up to 1GB.