Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Google’s G Suite has launched a new security center with improved security metrics and visibility, and a security health check.
  • Consistent improvements to G Suite could set it up to become an even stronger competitor to Office 365 in the enterprise.

Businesses utilizing Google’s G Suite office apps will see enhanced security analytics, best practices, and security health checks thanks to a new security center, the firm announced Wednesday.

This combination of analytics, insights, and best practices helps build out a “bird’s eye view of your organization’s security posture–and, more importantly, a place to learn how to take action based on insights,” a Google blog post said.

The addition of such insights could make it easier for G Suite admins to better understand any current or future a security risks in their environment. And the additional features make G Suite a more attractive enterprise option for business leaders who are considering moving their office apps to a software as a service (SaaS) model.

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The new security center will provide what the post called a “security snapshot.” This is a single-pane view that brings all of the metrics together in one place, and allows security professionals to take a better look at the impact of spam and malware on their users. It also offers metrics on the effectiveness of certain security practices, the post said.

Staying ahead of future threats is a major concern for most businesses as well. With the security center, the post said, analytics will allow users to identify and flag potential threats. One example provided in the post was the ability to understand which users are most likely to be targeted by phishing, so security pros can mitigate that risk.

The new security center also folds in the security health recommendations tool available in G Suite, the post said. This feature looks at an organization’s current security posture, and then offers customized advice on how to further secure users and data.

The security center feature will be a part of G Suite Enterprise edition, and should show up on the admin console in “the next few days,” the post said. Additional information on how to get started is available here.