New GoDaddy, Square integrations to ease selling for SMBs

The integrations help SMBs work online and offline by being able to accept payments in either space without needing multiple accounts or products.

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GoDaddy plans to offer two new Square integrations, the cloud platform company announced Thursday. The integrations are designed to help SMBs with online and offline selling by only requiring one Square account to sell in both realms.

The first integration allows customers to pay businesses on GoCentral, GoDaddy's mobile website builder, for products using Square, according to a press release.

Users will be able to book appointments online through the second integration. With this integration, service-based businesses will also be able to receive payments and sync their calendars with their clients, according to the release.

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For both integrations, companies can connect their existing Square account to their GoDaddy website. Business owners will only need one Square account to cover online and in-person accounts, simplifying money flow tracking for small businesses.

"Teaming up with Square will simplify the path to success for a wide range of small businesses from clothing and apparel makers to fitness trainers," Greg Goldfarb, vice president of commerce products at GoDaddy, said in the press release.

The announcement comes after Square announced a strong third quarter earlier this week. While discussing the financial report, CEO Jack Dorsey said the company had been focused on helping sellers transition from online to in-person sales and vice versa. The GoDaddy integrations may help that, as sellers who already have a Square account for physical sales do not need to set up anything else to sell online and accept payments.

The press release did not say when the integrations will be available.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. GoDaddy announced plans for two integrations with Square, both designed to simplify how customers can pay SMBs.
  2. Customers will be able to pay businesses on GoDaddy through Square. Service-based businesses will be able to book appointments and then sync their calendars with their clients.
  3. Through the plan, SMBs only need one Square account to accept payments in-person and online, making it easier to keep track of payments.

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