There is one thing you can certainly say about Google – they don’t like to rest on their laurels. It seems the company is changing, tweaking, or releasing some new feature or design aspect on an almost daily basis. One such new feature is something called the Google Bar.

The Google Bar is a new navigation system that replaces the old black bar that runs across what was once the new, but now is the old, navigation interface.

Google has published a You Tube video to explain the new Google Bar, so I am going to defer to it since it can explain it much more efficiently than I can.

Get it now

Now, the new Google Bar is being rolled out slowly to everyone, but if you are the impatient type you can get it now by running a little script. I first saw this in a post on Google+ from Markus Guidry, so send your thanks (and questions that may arise) to him.

Here is how he described it. Note: I tried it in Firefox and it worked like a charm – your experience may vary.

To access the new Google Bar, first navigate to using either Firefox or Chrome.

In Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + K

In Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + J

Once you have opened the console, copy and paste the following code into the command line and press enter:



1322688085:S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds;; path=/; exprie=

" + (new Date("2013-12-1")).toUTCString()

Finally, refresh and you should see the new Google Bar.

Editor’s Note: Because of limitations in WordPress, I had to break the script up with line breaks. Before you enter it into your browser, paste the script into Notepad or another text editor and delete the line breaks after “U=”, “LM=”, and “exprie=”. Copy and paste the new single line of code into your browser.

With the Google Bar turned on in this manner, Google Plus now looks like this.