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  • Google Maps for Android is providing mass transit updates, including stop notifications and departure delays. -Google, 2017
  • The feature may reduce travel stress for business travelers, whether daily commuters or someone new to the city. -Google, 2017

Navigating new cities may have just gotten easier for business travelers, thanks to a new Google Maps update.

Announced Thursday in a blog post, Google Maps for Android will provide stop-by-stop directions for mass transit travelers. Users will receive departure time and ETA updates, along with notifications about when it’s time to get off their train or bus.

The feature is relatively straightforward to use, and similar to driving or walking directions in Maps. Users can go to the Google Maps app, enter their destination and transit directions, then choose the best route.

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The new transit tracker will be helpful for business travelers, whether they’re new to a city or a seasoned commuter. If they’re new, it provides clear directions, while reducing stress over missing a stop or getting on the wrong train or bus.

For regular commuters, having the app track ETAs and send alerts when it’s time to go reduces the number of travel factors the user needs to monitor. Instead, they can focus on accomplishing other things during their commute, whether that’s catching up on emails or listening to a podcast.

According to our sister site ZDNet, the company hasn’t announced when the feature will roll out to iOS devices. It is available now for Android.

The update follows a series of Maps changes that make the app easier to use and more valuable to users. A redesign in November led to clearer icons for points of interest and train stations, and the app began showing crowd sizes in real-time later in the month. In August, Maps gained a Q&A section that allowed users to ask a business or other users questions about a place of interest.

In July 2016, Maps rolled out mass transit delay alerts and areas of interest, which labeled parts of town with restaurants and attractions.