Insta360 GO

After the success of the Insta360 EVO and the Insta360 One X cameras, the team at Insta360 has made a bit of a pivot with the launch its new Insta360 GO. The difference between this camera and the others is that there’s no 360 view on this camera.

While the Insta360 is an action camera, I consider it more like a “moments” camera.

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The Insta360 GO comes with a f2.1 aperture for low-light capture and a 1:1 recording aspect ratio, according to the spec sheet. I’m curious about this as it says the video footage recorded can be exported at 16:9 aspect ratio for full HD resolution (1920×10180) at 25 frames per second.

These are pretty modest specs, but definitely usable in contrast to other 4K shooters on the market, as most video editors allow for upscaling footage to a higher resolution. Other features include shooting timelapse from any angle, 100 frames per second slow motion, and Hyperlapses support recording times of up to 30 minutes.

When I mentioned that this is of a “moments” camera, I meant because the camera shoots video in 30-second clips, which is plenty of time to grab a scene out with your friends, and transfer it to your mobile device for post-processing in the mobile app. Because it’s a 30-second clip, the file size should be significantly smaller and transfer much faster to your mobile device with the OTG cable or Wi-Fi.

However, the most impressive elements in the Insta360 ecosystem are its portability and stabilization. The Insta360 GO can be mounted pretty much anywhere with ease as it comes with a pivot stand, which can be placed on a table top or even on the side of an object because of the magnetic and adhesive backing (Figure B). Even mounting the Insta360 GO to a car is no biggie, and it allows you to create captivating travel footage. There’s even wearable clips that you can utilize for point of view (POV) footage.

Figure B

Couple these capabilities with the Flow State stabilization software and other AI-powered tools found in the GO app, and you can create some interesting footage for your viewers. The mobile app, available on iOS and Android, allows you to do creative video edits and cuts as well as produce interesting transitions such as barrel rolls and swipes. Then, you can easily swipe to share to your social media.


Pricing and availability

You can get the Insta360 GO for $199 as well as the mounts and applicable charging/data transfer cable. I’m curious to get my hands on this device to see just how powerful it is, as well as take advantage of the POV recording options. I’d like to take footage created with this and utilize the video editing options of the mobile app in conjunction with an app such as Premiere Rush. Could be interesting.