JavaFXJava finally is spreading its wings to encompass the consumer market with the release of its JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile. According to Rich Green, Sun Microsystems’ executive vice president of software, “This is Java for consumers, for individuals — not just enterprises, not just corporate. … The scripting language we are releasing will dramatically enhance the number of people who can create content for this platform.” Get the nitty-gritty details in this article by CNET Networks’ “Sun tries again with consumer-flavored Java.”

Here’s the lowdown:

What’s new:
At the JavaOne conference on Tuesday, Sun Microsystems will introduce JavaFX Script, a simpler Java-tied scripting language for writing applications on Java-equipped desktop PCs and handheld devices, and JavaFX Mobile, a package aimed at mobile operators for making Java development more uniform on mobile phones.

Bottom line:
With JavaFX Script, Sun is trying to revive interest in Java for rich Internet application development, which is becoming one of the most hotly contested areas as more sophisticated, interactive applications move to the Web.

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Stephen O’Grady, an industry analyst for Redmonk, thinks that JavaFX Script will appeal to people who already work with Java rather than win over those who use Ruby, Python, or PHP. “It’s going to be very, very difficult if you’re going to try to lure people from technology that is already working for them.” Which scripting language works for you, and why?


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