Is your camera lens so small that it’s driving you buggy? If so, here’s a news story that you can’t afford to miss: “Housefly a model for new wide-angle lens.”

According to the article, “Bioengineers at the University of California at Berkeley have created artificial compound eyes, modeled after those of insects, that could one day be used to broaden the field of vision for cameras and sensors, even beyond fish-eye lenses.”

I am way out of the lens loop, people. While I have a pretty good idea what a housefly lens may look like (images of a honeycomb come to mind… is that the Tequila talking, or are there really 18 of you?), the whole fish-eye lens is beyond the realm of my imagination. Fish lips, sure… but fish eyes? Could it be the gaping, bulging, “I’ve just been caught” look? Egads…  Yes, I think the housefly lens will be a definite improvement.

National Geographic News: “Photo in the News: Housefly Gets Glasses Made With Lasers.”