IBM z/OSIt appears that IBM has just introduced a new release of its renowned z/OS mainframe operating system.

Because of the mainframe’s place in the heart of a vast portion of the world’s financial services – as well as varied other large businesses, the focus this time round has been on security.

Excerpt from the IBM press release:

… the new version of z/OS to deliver improved network security and policy management, enhanced PKI (public-key infrastructure) services and adoption of the FKCS (Public-Key Cryptography Standards) #11 standard. IBM also announced new mainframe software that automates security adminsitration and audit processes.

Jim Porell, IBM Distinguished Engineer and chief architect of the System z, was quoted in eWeek:

Our security leadership is one of the many reasons why the world’s top banks rely on the IBM mainframe for their financial transactions.

Additionally, enhancements were made to the ability of z/OS to deliver more robust scalability and availability for clustered environments. The IBM mainframe system can support up to 54 engines in a single z/OS image, scaling up to 1,728 mainframe engines behaving as one single system via a Parallel Sysplex cluster consisting of 32 systems.

Adding credence to what the company has been calling the renaissance of the mainframe, it is noted that the company’s second-quarter of 2007 saw the fifth consecutive growth for the mainframe. This has only happened once since the early 1990s.

Do you think that the mainframe will ever die out?


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