New security solution from Dell aims to protect data across entire lifecycle

Dell recently unveiled its Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle product, which protects data at-rest and in-transit, both inside and outside of the corporate network.

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Dell recently revealed its Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle, a new product that aims to protect corporate data across its entire lifecycle. Secure Lifecycle, which exists as part of the Dell Data Security Solutions, was announced via a press release on Tuesday.

"Secure Lifecycle protects critical business data at all stages of the lifecycle--at rest, in motion, and in use--whether inside or outside of a network," the release stated. "It also provides the ability to define access rights at a granular level, giving IT leaders the authority to restrict individual file access rights only to those that 'need to know.'"

The solution leverages a combination of security tools, including encryption, file access monitoring, DLP (data leakage prevention), and DRM (digital rights management). In the release, Dell claims that other products in the market only address data security, and cannot protect data once it leaves an organization's environment.

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Helping users understand where data exists is one of the key differentiators for the product, the release said. Data can be protected across external storage, public cloud, and iOS and Android mobile devices as well.

"In the modern work environment, data travel between people and devices. Securing and encrypting these data, not just at rest, but in motion and in use, has become critical to maintaining integrity and control," Brett Hansen, vice president of Dell Endpoint Data Security and Management, said in the press release. "Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle protects data at all stages of the lifecycle and provides the visibility and confidence for organizations to embrace the mobile workforce--securely."

In the release, Dell cited a report titled Vendor Vulnerability: How to Prevent the Security Risk of Third-Party Suppliers, which claims that, on average, a company will have up to 89 third-party vendors accessing their network every week. Additionally, a recent Dell Data Security Survey found that 80% of midsize organizations were "concerned about uploading files to popular public cloud platforms," according to the release.

The new solution also provides visibility into the use, and potential abuse, of corporate data, including helping users figure out what data has been leaked. Granular policy controls improve data management, and Secure Lifecycle will also protect Microsoft Office files, the release said.

Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle will be available in December in the US and a few other countries.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle is a new product from Dell that seeks to protect data across devices, both inside and outside of your organization's network.
  2. According to a press release, Secure Lifecycles goes beyond encryption to also include features such as file access monitoring, DLP (data leakage prevention), and DRM (digital rights management).
  3. This new Dell tool helps to better manage corporate data with tighter access controls and will protect Microsoft Office files as well.

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