Earlier this week, Six Flags Amusement Parks announced a new system designed to promote public health in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The process is designed around the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) social distancing recommendations to reduce the total number of visitors in parks at a given time. By doing so, this innovative approach aims to decrease overall density while providing an atmosphere more conducive to social distancing between guests as well as employees.

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How does the system work?

Overall, the system will require an increased level of planning for individuals interested in visiting the company’s amusement parks. To schedule a park visit, people must first go to sixflags.com/reserve and input their ticketing and membership information. Next, individuals are prompted to select the exact date and estimated time they are planning to enter the facility. Afterward, people are then presented a short video explaining the parks’ new sanitization measures and social distancing protocols and are then asked to acknowledge that they understand this new health policy.

Peak visit time and waitlists

Of course, there will be dates that are reserved in full, especially during peak season. If a particular day is already fully booked, people can choose to join a waitlist for this date. Once enrolled on the waitlist, a Six Flags representative will contact individuals if another guest cancels or “additional inventory is released.”

Email and text notifications will be used to contact guests the day before their reservation. These electronic notifications will also remind guests of Six Flags’ health policy before their visit. This will also enable guests to cancel their reservation up to 8 am on the day of their planned visit without penalty.

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There is an overall customer priority hierarchy built into the waitlist system. For example, Diamond and Diamond Elite Members as well as those with season passes are given waitlist priority over individuals with single-day tickets.

Per the company’s frequently asked questions page, not all blocks of time will be immediately released for scheduling. Additional time slots will be made available on a weekly basis as needed based on inventory. While the reservation system is not currently enabled, the company plans to activate the system once reopening dates for the individual parks are confirmed.

IMAGE: iStockphoto/ByronOrtizA