Standards body OASIS has established a technical committee to boost interoperability in the location and usage of Web services using preferred applications.

The technical committee’s co-chair, Tom Bellwood, said the organisation had established the committee to refine and update the well-received Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) specification to the status of a standard.

After inheriting the UDDI specification from, the Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards –OASIS –last month set up a UDDI specification technical committee.

Bellwood told ZDNet Australia that it had always been intended that the specification would be transferred to a standards organisation after three revolutions.

Bellwood said there had been an amazing amount of interest from people who wanted to work on the technical committee, with the first meeting planned for mid this month.

“Clearly there’s been a very good bedrock established with version two and three of the specification,” Bellwood said.

With OASIS running other technical committees–for example, for WS-Security–Bellwood said he was hoping that it could take advantage of that knowledge to work on complementary areas, and support security standards which were being developed.

He said there were already a number of companies developing and creating products using version two and three of UDDI. Bell sees the biggest opportunities for using UDDI at the moment in private or semi-private types of applications. “As time goes on in particular version three offers some really powerful features,” Bellwood said.

He thinks there will be more mainstream uptake of UDDI within the next 18 months, particularly in industry verticals such as banking.

UDDI provides a foundation for the infrastructure needed to drive the success of Web services, Bellwood said in a statement relating to the setting up of OASIS’s UDDI specification technical committee.