With a hot job market, qualified tech professionals often have their pick of job leads to pursue. This frees them up to consider what roles align with their career goals and how to land the best compensation package when seeking a new role.

A Tuesday report from Hired asked tech workers which companies they are most interested in working for, what attracts them to a potential employer, and what leads them to accept or reject a job offer. The report created a brand positivity index, based on the ratings of the tech workers surveyed.

The no. 1 company that most tech workers said they would like to work for? Netflix, which earned a brand positivity index of 86. If this comes as a surprise, it should be noted that Netflix is often on the cutting edge in its approach to tech. The firm is cloud-focused, and heavily in containers with a strong DevOps approach. It’s also known for its chaos engineering approach and its Chaos Monkey resiliency tool.

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Other major tech firms also received high scores. Here are the top 10 global companies that tech workers said they would most like to work for, and their brand positivity index number:

  1. Netflix – 86
  2. Google – 83
  3. Tesla – 73
  4. SpaceX – 72
  5. Airbnb – 72
  6. Apple – 70
  7. Microsoft – 70
  8. LinkedIn – 70
  9. Amazon – 69
  10. Hulu – 65

When it comes to job seeking, tech workers typically consider the following five job factors before applying, the report found: Compensation and benefits (55%), company culture (45%), opportunity to learn new skills (40%), challenging technical problems to solve (29%), and their team (27%).

Employees who decide to leave a job also name some common reasons why, including seeking a higher base salary (74%), new challenges and problems to solve (64%), a better location and commute (40%), not feeling valued by their manager (37%), and a higher title (28%).

Businesses that want to attract and retain the strongest tech talent can follow these steps, according to the report:

  • Provide opportunities to change tracks. Employees across all markets want to advance in their careers. When applying for jobs, 40% of tech workers said they look for positions with training and development options, and 64% said they move on when another company gives them the chance to solve new problems, the report found.
  • Send personalized notes. As job candidates are often encouraged to send a handwritten thank you letter to their interviewer, employers can do the same to better connect with candidates, the report found: 49% of tech workers said they will engage with a company that sends a personalized note.
  • Offer remote work or flexible hours. Some 70% of tech workers said they are interested in working 100% remotely, so it’s clear that flexible schedules are a high priority for job candidates. To remain attractive, companies will need to adjust their schedules and benefits to fit this need.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Netflix, Google, and Tesla are the top companies where tech workers say they’d like to work. — Hired, 2018
  • 55% of tech workers said compensation and benefits is the most important factor they consider when applying for a new job. — Hired, 2018