One constant at TechRepublic is that in trying to discern what’s really going on in the IT world, we’ve always gone to
the real experts first—our members. We depend on you to talk to each other and
to us, suggesting ideas, identifying what’s hot, sharing your problems, and
doling out the praise and the blame. That’s what the community focus is all

You told us that you usually seek out resources by topic,
not by job function. So, with you in mind, we’re shifting into a new organizing
model—one that is based on the topics you need information about, whether
you’re the net admin, the CIO, the support pro, or all three. Now that everyone
is wearing multiple IT hats, a change that reflects the new reality seems
called for.

Most of the core elements of the TechRepublic home page are
still there, though they might have moved around a bit. Your favorite resource
links have moved to tabs at the top of the page, replacing the old Republic
tabs that were based on job function. Now, depending on what your current focus
is, you can follow a link straight to the topic page of your choice by clicking
in the TechRepublic Topic Centers box, as you can see by clicking Figure A below.

Figure A

The new TechRepublic front door

What we hope to accomplish is a sharper focus on the topics you’re interested in. For this reason, we are also expanding
the types of content we offer on the site:

  • Original
    downloads, articles, and tips from CNET Networks (,
    TechProGuild,, and premium content)
  • Member-generated
    solutions, including discussion and Technical Q&A threads
  • Vendor-sponsored
    white papers, Webcasts, and audiocasts
  • Links
    to news and information on other IT sites

Early feedback on the change

We sent some of the pages out for a beta review by members
and have already received comments and suggestions that we’ve
tried to incorporate into the new design. It’s not too late for you to let us
know what you think—we’ll continue to make adjustments and improve the delivery
of the information on our pages. Post your comments to this article’s
Discussion. Our topic page editors will be monitoring this area closely over
the next few weeks so that we can continue to target the content that is most
important to you.