Well here it is; a new year and a new challenge. That’s the usual line but a change of calendar doesn’t necessarily mean an automatic change in your life. You have to make changes happen.

The main reason for New Year resolutions seems to be being unsatisfied with one’s present condition and wishing to change.

If you hate your job leave it. Life’s too short to rot in a dead end job but somehow we put up with it instead of making the change. If we all ditched the dull job and worked at making our living in away we really enjoyed our employers would really be in trouble. They would need to change the way they dealt with their human resources and maybe that would be a good thing.

Going back to work after a holiday is always hard, especially if you have had a rally good time. Now that Christmas and the New Year is over the holidays are all done and I found it hard, now that there is noting but work on the horizon, the coldest part of the year and many long months until the summer and the chance to get myself back in the sea for sailing, swimming and snorkelling. So how can I settle back into the routine of work?

Well, I sorted through the list of calls, arranged them in a sensible order and set off. Many of my customers had been closed for the whole Christmas and New Year holiday so I had a bit of a backlog of calls to clear. It was a busy day and passed quite quickly. I did miss my big lunches and the afternoon nap but I have been quite busy with various writing projects so I was really swapping one kind of work for another.

How do you cope with a return to routine? Do you dread going back to the daily grind or do you look forward to getting back in harness?

Let me know how it is for you.