Tech news roundup: Microsoft Build, Google I/O, and SAP Sapphire

Karen Roby gives a snapshot of this week's news coverage on TechRepublic and ZDNet. The stories include three major conferences, a telecom data breach, and the number of CIOs implementing AI.

News Roundup: Microsoft Build, Google I/O, Sapphire

Karen Roby highlights some of the stories covered this week on TechRepublic and ZDNet, including three major conferences. The following is an edited transcript of her video package.

Leaders at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando announced new updates to its digital platform. Macy Bayern is covering this one for us and has more on TechRepublic.

The Google I/O conference is in full swing. The tech giant unveiled dozens of updates to nearly every corner of the Google ecosystem.

And finally, thousands are gathered in Seattle for Microsoft Build. On our sites, we have more from the Build developers' conference.

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In other news, Orange has agreed to acquire SecureLink to tap into the growing enterprise cybersecurity market in Europe. With more companies offering remote and flex work, the company says there is a growing need for secure solutions.

In sticking with security, a major Canadian telecommunications provider revealed a data breach may have exposed sensitive information belonging to thousands of customers. Researchers say the database was "totally unprotected and unencrypted."

If you're wanting to read the Verizon data breach investigations report, you may want to take a seat and get comfortable. Larry Dignan breaks down the 78-page report for us, pointing out that CXOs are increasingly more susceptible to cybercrime.

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A new survey shows IT leaders are optimistic about AI. About 50% of those polled said they've already deployed AI tools, and another 20% say they are planning to roll out new programs in the next 12 months.

In sticking with security-related stories, Jonathan Greig tells us about a new survey that shows about 90% of Americans believe they are doing enough to protect themselves online, despite overwhelming data proving otherwise. We'll tell which states were home to respondents with the highest grades.

And finally, the state of Kentucky is known for horses and bourbon. On our sites, we are taking a straight up look at the tech behind the bourbon industry. There we have some pretty awesome videos and interesting interviews for you to enjoy.

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