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Notable headlines:

Toni Bowers: March marks third consecutive month of job losses
Bill Detwiler: Virtual worlds invade the average business meeting
Jason Hiner:  What would a Microsoft-Yahoo deal mean for Windows and Office?
Paul Mah: Virginia mandates Internet safety lesson
Andy Moon: EU regulators plan to press for more privacy protection
Yahoo vs. Microsoft: Thanks for the letter Steve; Now give us more money or get lost

Mary Jo Foley: Google App Engine: When will Microsoft field a competitor?
Michael Krigsman: Heathrow T5 failure: What really happened
Larry Dignan: AMD: Sales weak; Layoffs on tap

Rik Fairlie: Intel splits Wi-Fi signal to create two adapters
Jason O’Grady: New MacBook enclosures? It’s about time
Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to deliver first Live Mesh beta in late April

Harry Fuller: Behold the used printer cartridge–a green project
David Morgenstern: Can BootCamp mess with your Mac’s PRAM?
Dana Blankenhorn: Open source market making arrives with Marketcetera

Gartner: $100 laptop still too expensive for the emerging markets
Christopher Dawson: Time for a new model of ULPC?
TechCrunch: “Deep Integration” Between Google Apps and Salesforce to Be Announced Next Monday

The next big thing? Crimeware-as-a-service

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardware 2.0 – Best software applications/tools/utilities. Gallery (right).
Heather Clancy: Infor software offers insight into consumption patterns
New York Times: Facebook to Settle Thorny Lawsuit Over Its Origins
Dana Gardner: As SOA hype turns five, IBM turns to Smart SOA Social Network to bind communities of users

XML-empowered documents extend SOA’s connection to people and processes

Jason O’Grady: I don’t need GPS in my iPhone.

Dennis Howlett: Oracle Ironman and other super heroes
TechCrunch: Amazon Web Services Gets Another Hiccup

At MTI Micro, pushing fuel cells for portables

Paul Murphy: Is Java Windows for Unix?

Photos: An end to ‘wrap rage’?

News.com: Can Sony get 50% market share for Blu-ray this year?
Electronista: Motorola settles in fight with Carl Icahn
John Sheesley: Bring out your dead (equipment)!


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