When discussing social media, I have trouble defining social media without mentioning specific services such as Twitter or Facebook. Quickly, you will realize that once someone is using a new tool, there can be a gap in understanding of that segment of social media. There are many social media communities being introduced every day; some of them are virtually carbon copies of those that exist, especially among microblogging sites like Twitter.

If you’ve seen the fail whale one too many times or are just looking for shiny, new alternatives, I created a gallery of the challengers in the next wave of social media sites. And since corporate America is now beginning to see potential benefits (or are at least trying not to look too much out of the loop), I included a couple of social media platforms aimed at the large enterprise.

For a quick snapshot of nine up-and-coming social media players, see the gallery, “Social networking: The next wave of challengers to Twitter and Facebook.”

One of the entries is Cisco Quad for the enterprise, below: