In January, a article claimed that use of the Nintendo Wii gaming console can lead to weight loss. Check out the story: “It’s official–Wii use can cause weight loss.” 

Mickey DeLorenzo, a resident of Philadelphia, lost nine pounds after playing the Wii for 21 hours during a six week period. You’d think that this story, and the fact that we have a Nintendo Wii here at TechRepublic, would motivate me to get in at least a half hour of gaming every afternoon. Nope.

Instead, I bought one of those Kinetic Eye Toy PS2 games for my son (and myself) at home. The Eye Toy comes with a Webcam, and you can see yourself on the TV, kicking and hitting objects for points and level completion. I thought the Eye Toy would have the same weight loss side effect, but I don’t think it’s as fun or has as much appeal as the Wii. We played the Eye Toy two or three times when we first hooked it up, but now the Webcam is just sitting there, next to the treadmill and free weights in my basement, collecting dust.

I might try to take some pictures of the Eye Toy in action, and maybe even record a video or two, and then post it for everyone to see. It is a very cool game, but it requires a great deal of energy and motivation. The Wii tricks you into exercising (wanna play?), while the Eye Toy is a hard core cardio workout! Doesn’t that sound like fun?