In this tutorial, I will show you with short easy steps how to configure a Windows platform to emulate MAC OS X Tiger using PearPC. All of the figures in this article can be downloaded by choosing the link at the end of the tutorial.

  1. Download and extract the PearPC package to your local hard drive such as d:\pearpc. For Beginners, download PearPC installer by Prasys.
  2. Obtain a fully Licensed copy of MAC OS X Tiger and convert media to an image (IMG) or ISO file format.
  3. Download 6 GB WinRAR Image and extract to local hard drive such as d:\pearpc.
  4. Download and Install OPENVPN to your computer. On the Choose Components window deselect all components but TAP-Win32 Virtual Ethernet Adapter (Figure A).
  5. Right-click on your LAN and your TAP-Win32 Adapter V8 connection and choose Bridge connections. Once the bridge is complete, reboot your computer.
  6. Right-click on your Network bridge and assign the appropriate IP address information for Internet access (Figure B).
  7. Attached is my configuration file (ppc.cfg). This is a working configuration file that you can use. I am using 512 mb of memory to get the best performance from my MAC OS X Tiger virtual machine (Figure C).
  8. Open a command prompt and browse to your PearPC folder. My syntax will be as follows: ppc.exe ppc.cfg (Figure D).
  9. Choose the partition that has the MAC OS X image file or in this example 1. partition 3 of ‘disk0’ (Mac_OS_X/Apple_HFS) (Figure E).
  10. The MAC OS X installation will find your preformatted disk and will prepare for the installation of MAC OS X Tiger (Figure F).

All Figures can be downloaded from Webshots at the following link: