One Tuesday, July 10, TechRepublic members will not be able to log in, post comments, or start any new discussions. The TechRepublic editorial department will also not be publishing any new articles for the day.

The TechRepublic site will still be live and you will be able to view existing articles, comments, discussions, photo galleries, and virtually everything else on the site. But, both users and editors will not be able to post any new content for the day. The freeze will last approximately 24 hours and will begin at 12:01AM Pacific Time on Tuesday.

So, why on earth would we do such a thing? We’re migrating our primary data center from the San Francisco Bay Area to Phoenix, Arizona. If anyone can understand and be sympathetic to the complexities involved in this kind of move then we know the TechRepublic audience will understand. A lot of you have been there and done this kind of thing before — if not dozens of times. You can imagine the kind of infrastructure it takes for us to support a site that gets millions of visitors per week and typically has ten of thousands at any given moment in the day.

We appreciate your patience and we apologize for the hassle and inconvenience. We’ll be back and full force on Wednesday, July 11. See you on the other side.