NoiseHush, makers of a wide assortment of Bluetooth accessories, breaks into the full-size headphone market with two respectable entries, the NX26 and NX22. Designed for use with a range of devices, including tablets and smartphones, these two models offer call and music control function combined with a high quality sound delivery system. Differing only in style and fit, these siblings don’t make the sacrifices to sound quality normally required when hitting the road.

Key features

  • Neodymium magnet drivers for a crisp sound
  • In-line microphone designed to filter out ambient noise and allow hands-free calling
  • Call/music control button for quick switching between phone and music
  • Plush, padded ear cushions
  • Lightweight design
  • Tangle-free cable

Upon first use, the most notable feature is the rich, clear sound. The bass has a full-sized punch, while the delicate notes are delivered in their finest detail. High definition recordings are a treat to the ear with both of these models. The ear cushions have a quality look and feel with the right amount of padding to avoid the rock hard texture of some brands — or the spongy sensation that allows the ear to feel the hardware behind them. This makes them comfortable, but it also helps passively exclude ambient noise.

The cable is of a comfortable 5.7 foot length, so there’s plenty of breathing room when plugged into a stationary source, such as an iPhone or iPad on a dock. The NX26 model has an attractive on-the-ear design with studio style metallic ear pieces built into a black frame. The headband is manually adjusted and offers the right amount of tension.

The NX22 has an all black, over-the-ear style with several points of adjustability to get the perfect fit for extended wear. The ear pieces swivel on three axes for positioning that can be refined to the microscopic level. The exterior design is the only difference between it and its brother. Internal mechanisms, cord, and ear cushions are the same. The soul of these two is the neodymium magnets giving superior listening experience.

As much as I liked the NX26 model for its styling and sound quality, I had one point of contention with the design. The ear pieces only swivel on one axis. This causes the ear to be pressed flat against the head and can be uncomfortable when listening for an extended length of time.

The NX22 model is just a joy to listen to but does not offer the classic, metal-on-black styling found on the NX26. In fact, they are downright ordinary in appearance. However, the fit and finish are top quality — it’s that they aren’t visually spectacular. Superficial as it may sound, part of the experience of owning a set of quality headphones is their visible difference from budget models.

NoiseHush definitely brought their “A” game to the court with these two models. Their experience with quality audio delivery and mobile device accessories is obvious in these designs. A visit to the nearest NoiseHush retailer might be in order to eliminate any concerns about fit and comfort. Minor annoyances excluded, I am able to wholly recommend NoiseHush’s entries in the full-size headphone lineup.